Midnight Train

At the stroke of midnight

the owls make a funny cry

just as the midnight train passes

I relive the moment

when you walked out of my life

it was in the warm darkness

you walked into the night

catching that midnight train to Kenora

I felt the weight of my heart upon my feet

trudging through the desert of loneliness

where the sun of the Kalahari

could not compare

to the heat from the tears burning its way

down the cracks in my cheek


I cried waterfall of tears

until the well of my being ran dry

The night owl that watches cried for me

reflecting the sorry I cast to the world

the chug f the midnight trained

shukutu, shutuktu skutun chugged forever

like a rusty wheel on the tracks loved built


The midnight train to Kenora

Is the train that took my heart away

the train that I wished would stay

And hope it would return some day



BAW (c) 2011


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