Gift Child – Fairytale

The Gift Baby

Once upon a time in the land of Sarnia in the middle of the earth, there was a little girl, named Godsend whose hair was long and black and felt like a sheep’s wool, her skin was ebony black and was smoother than velvet.  She was the most beautiful girl in all the world and her parents doted upon her like a doll. They were proud of her and they showed her off to anyone who would glance in their direction. Everyone who saw the child loved her.

Godsend had the most beautiful eyes, they were big and the black was black and the white of the eye shimmered. She was a good baby and smiled at everyone

Her parents Mr. Hamby and Mrs Shyria Dolfinch  were dirt poor peasants who lived in a little shack in a little village at the foot of the mountain. They  had three more mouths to feed and were finding it hard to make a living to take care of the family and their growing needs. This baby was unexpected but they welcomed her into their family as if they had planned for her.

News of this beautiful black baby reached the ears of the King of Sarnia. He sent a message to the peasant to bring the baby to the castle without haste.

The farmer was pleased and alarmed at the same time. He and his wife wondered why in the world someone important as the king would want with him

“Oh Hamby don’t be so suspicious, the King might just want to see our beautiful baby, after all she is the most beautiful in all of Sarnia, so everyone says.  We are so blessed.

“Okay woman, let’s go. We’ll take Godsend to see the King and Queen as they wish.”

Hamby and Shyia travelled for a whole day before reaching the king’s castle. His guards and staff were waiting for them. They were given clean clothes at the gate to change to make them ready to meet the king in his chambers.  Godsend was given a gift of a beautiful yellow dress. She looked even more beautiful all dressed up in her new clothes and a pair of white shoes. All the maids wanted to touch the baby’s cheeks because they were so soft , velvety soft and she drew them in like magnet with her eyes.

Hamby and Shyria were escorted to the King and Queen’s chamber. As soon as the Queen saw her, she looked at the baby and her eyes lit up and they were full of love for this child. The King became a bumbling silly fool; trying to speak in baby language. The queen broke protocol and took the baby from the peasants and kissed it.

“What’s her name?” the Queen asked

“Her name is Godsend because God sent her to us, we didn’t plan to have her,” Shyria said.

Hamby and Shyria were feted with the best of foods and drinks.  The staff and entire palace came alive with the presence of this child. Her parents felt prouder than ever and thanked the Gods for giving them this treasure.

Then it was time to leave as it was getting dark. The queen started to cry she was sad that the baby was leaving and begged the parents to spend the night but they respectfully declined saying that their other three children would be worried and they need to get back to them. The king then made a proposition to buy the baby from them at their price. The king promised to raise her like a princess and to give her everything she needs, she will be loved.  They promised to build them a new house and give them enough money to make sure they will never need to work again; they will have enough to keep up a comfortable life for them and their children. The king said he will leave them alone to think it over for a few minutes. He and the Queen retreated to another room hopeful.

“Why do you want this baby my queen, she is black, there are so many beautiful white babies. Why this one?”

“Yes my king there are beautiful white babies I could have but not as beautiful as this black baby. She is like none other. Her beauty goes deep under the skin. I see light in her eyes”

“Well, a child is a child, you just have to love it and how would this black child fit in with our white family?”

“My king, I had a dream about this baby. This child is destined for greatness and will one day rule this land. I’ve seen it all in my dream and she will be a benevolent ruler. She will fit in with us because she will teach us love and compassion and we will be better rulers because of her.”

“Well I’m not about to kidnap a black baby for the love of you. It’s not right. What has gotten into you?”

“I don’t know, I just feel strange but in a nice way.”

“Well, if what you say is true, what if they do not give us the baby, what then?

“The gods will not disappoint the will of the greater God”

Meanwhile outside the family was torn and crying and wished they had never come to the palace. Tears streamed down the peasant’s wife face and the baby reached up and wiped the tears and  Shyria swore she heard the baby say “I will be okay” and suddenly she felt the weight lifted magically and she turned to her husband and say to him, let us give this gift to the queen. It will make our queen very happy and we don’t need to take any money for her.

“Really, you are willing to give away our treasure for nothing?”

“Yes, we are doing it for the queen she has no children and she will take care of our precious child and she would not want for anything.”

The little baby smiled and both parents were surprised they felt as if Godsend was happy to leave them.

When the King and Queen emerged to find out what their answer would be, the peasant’s wife graciously placed the baby in the arms of the Queen and said

“This is your child from today.”

”How much do you want the king asked suspiciously”

“We’re not selling our baby; it is a gift to your highness. We are happy to be able to gift you this gift of happiness, she came through us but maybe she has always been yours. She loves you, I can see that” Shyia said calmly.

“You have made me the happiest Queen in the entire universe and for this you will be richly rewarded. You will never want you and your family and all your heirs will blessed in the entire world. But you must let us pay you for your troubles”

“Your Highness there isn’t enough money in the world that would be enough for our daughter. She is not for sale”

“Thank you so much. Would you please be kind enough to at least accept some food so that you may eat along the way? I will have my maid pack you a care basket for your journey. ….please.”

“Thank you, maybe a jug of water and some biscuits. That’s all we need.”

The queen ordered the maid to pack a basket for the couple. The maid brought them some fancy bottles with water and some snacks.

The journey back home was a mixture of contentment and a sort of indescribable strangeness. Something mystical had happened but yet they could not grapple with what was going on. The road was long and dusty and the trees and birds and animals along the ways sang happy folk songs.

Halfway on their way home, the peasants began noticing little things, food appearing in their wagon and the wagon turning into a beautiful buggy and their farm clothes transformed into fine linen.

“Am I seeing things my husband?”
Am I seeing things my wife?” “You look extra beautiful to me now.”

They started laughing. “We should be so sad why we laugh?”

“I don’t know but I feel happy and I feel like laughing.”

When they arrived home, it was to a two storey furnished beautiful home.

“Oh my God what is happening?” said Mr. Dolfinch

The neighbours gathered around them and they began sharing their food with everyone in the village. Everyone had enough and so much was left over that they each took a basket of food away.

Everyone wanted to know where the baby wasn but the Dolfinches told them it was a long story  and promised to tell them the following day. They wanted to hug their three children and celebrate their blessings. The children looked radiant and beautiful like children of the Great Chief of their Tribe. The peasants’ life was transformed forever.

As time went by the King died leaving Godsend and the Queen.  The Queen would send for Shyria and her children often to visit the castle and they got to speak to Godsend who was the sweetest and wisest child. She welcomed everyone and treated everyone she met with respect and kindness. The Queen was proud of Godsend and the manner in which she handled the maids and other staff of the castle and she influenced the Queen to show more compassion to her subjects.

When the Queen passed away Godsend was 18 years old and Godsend became Queen and took care of her people like a good mother would. She made sure that the children received a good education and in time the Kingdom of Sarnia became the most powerful in the entire world because her people worked to make the Queen happy and she listened to all their concerns with patience and wisdom.

In time a young prince from a far away country of Timbuktu heard about the Queen of Sarnia and he travelled a great distance to the Castle of Sarnia where he met Queen Godsend and they were married not long after and lived happily ever after.

(c) BAW 2012