Love poem

Stormy  Wintry Nights

I love the feel of your warm breath

Brushing against my cheeks

Wrapped in our cozy, snugly, lily-white down comforter

Toes tickling toes playfully

For pots of heated sections on the sheets

On those wild stormy nights

The feel of your ebony skin, tout and rippled

With the stamp of an over-exercised machine

In stark contrast to the white of the sheet,


Story nights brings out the cupid in us

Hearts open wide and red blood

Hot with the juices of cupid’s arrow

Surges like a rushing river

That flows from one heart to another

Seamlessly as the night flows in day

And day into light.


Stormy nights beckon us

Into the spiral of tornadic energy

Emotions break their bonds

Sensations reach their peak

It’s a time for the gathering of families

Into the proactive arms or love

Within the hearth and home

Offering shelter and security

In the hollow of your neck

And the smell of that rusty musty

Masculine scent of musk

Offers me everything I need to feel safe

On those stormy wintry nights in Winnipeg.



BAW © 2008