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December G.E.M

How’s all my friends and followers out there

Sometimes one needs to take a break from an activity to gain perspective. This has been too long. I hope you all are enjoying life this moment and looking forward to the most wonderful day.

I’ve taken up yoga this past year and that has taken up a lot of my free time.  I go to classes at least twice a day. I feel great and more in tune with the universal spirit. My heart is open more and is way more compassionate, generous, loving but there are still demons trying to rear their ugly heads but I have the antidote. I become an observer and watch them disappear.  Will talk more about that in the future.

The highlight of my week was celebrating Canada day.  I spent the whole day at Assiniboine Park, living in the lap of local music surrounded by a sea of red.  Bathroom heaven at the park this year. They actually built real, modern, no touch anything bathrooms that added to my enjoyment. I did not have to dread drinking liquids for fear I might want to use the bathroom. Oh no. There was never a long line up and the line moved quickly. There were three bathrooms .   – one for women, one for men and one for families – the women’s bathroom had many stalls and I guess the rest had as well. Most amazingly, there was never ever a line up at the men’s bathroom. Men just walked in n walked out and it was llike that for the entire day. Can men hold their pee in longer than women?  Do they have a way to get rid of water other than the normal way? Are there more women everywhere than men? Why the heck does this happen, someone please help me understand why men do not go the bathroom in the same numbers as women.

Anyway, the weather was perfect, no threat of forest fire, terrorist or any such. It was peaceful, dreamy and diversity rich. I am so blessed to be living in Canada. This is a little piece of heaven. I have to go to two classes today. Restorative and then yoga nidra – a meditation class. If you are from the States have a great 4th of July. May you enjoy peace good health and happiness today.Canada Day 035Canada Day 026

Canada Day 004

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