Addicted to Walking





the wind

in my face

sweet sometimes

its pinches

like acupuncture

other times

it lulls you

in its soft embrace

its fingers

coursing through

your skin,

your clothes

your hair,

like blood courses

through veins

never too much.


Serendipitous moments

await you


it’s a bird,

sometimes an old woman

sometimes a face

tugs your heart-strings

simple reminders

of humanity.


Sometimes its a

stranger who

through familiarity

now seems like a friend

you pass and smile

at each other

every day.


You feel at one with

the universe

feet touching

mother earth

human noises

shoes on


whizzing cars

droning buses,

chugging trucks,


blend in a medley of notes

you listen

you hear,

you see

while walking

sometimes amidst the

hustle and bustle

with feet on the ground

you soar in the sky

lost in the rhythm

of movement and sounds




© 2004


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