Christmas magic

The Christmas scent of clove tea

An artificial pine tree

Imported from a foreign country

By expatriate businesses in the city

Is the elephant that sat in our living room

That family and friends got together to groom

The spirit of this little village came alive

With more than the wine they all imbibe

But with Carols and Christmas stories of the ages

That colored our world with bright reds instead of the beiges

On Christmas eve

Mother gathered children around her knees

After the usual Christmas pleas

To recite traditional stories, songs and poems

…T’was the night before Christmas and the gnomes

Santa’s cute little helpers making toys

For all the little girls and boys

Recited the words perfectly from memory

Lyrical, musical and mystical the Christmas story.


Christmas poems gentle trade winds blue skies

Riding the waves of the tie that binds

Renew traditions of goodwill of a thousand years

Invoking the spirits of our long-lost forbears.

What makes the Christmas story so compelling?

Is it the miraculous birth of the little Jesus darling

No, it is miracle of  dear old Santa sneaking

Down chimneys that did not exist in Phoenix?

That’s what held the Christmas Poems magic.

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